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FKU50: The Podcast
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We didn't bargain for this.

But we're here to talk about it!

With raw humor and help from friends and experts,
we tackle the challenges and explore the secrets of aging well.

It's all about...




Doug Fowler, Host of FKU50: The Podcast
Doug Fowler


Doug Fowler was born in Orlando, Florida, and has lived his entire 50+ life in Central Florida.


Well-educated in the School of Hard Knocks, he's a third generation wallpaper hanger and certified fitness trainer. He owns and operates B-6 Fit Training Studio in Apopka, Florida, and also holds a patent on the Fusion 3 body weight fitness system. He's well-acquainted with life after 50, not only from his own experience but also from working with his personal training clients.


Doug has been married to his wife Tammy for 29 years and has two beautiful and amazing daughters to show for it!

Jeff Garner, Co-Host of FKU50: The Podcast
Jeff Garner


Jeff Garner grew up in the Orlando area and was raised on old-fashioned values by loving parents. He quickly discovered that life is complicated. You don’t see everything coming, you have to allow people to change and grow, and sometimes you have to make hard decisions that put the needs of others first.


When his grandfather died at 100 years of age, Jeff did some soul searching and decided to live from that point on as if every day were his last. At age 47 he became a police officer. He’s also a Jujitsu America  instructor.


Jeff has three kids, is currently single, and is always planning his next big adventure.

Kent Garner, Co-Host of FKU50: The Pocast
Kent Garner


Kent is an Orlando native but has hung his hat on Good Ole' Rock Top in East Tennessee for the past 20 years. Go Vols!

Even though Kent lives in Knoxville, his roots are firmly planted in Central Florida. Growing up on a lake, competition water skiing became his passion and eventually landed him on the Sea World Water Ski Team for nearly ten years. Also, as a UCF '92 graduate—Go Knights!—he proudly stands with his original home team.

Kent, his wife Terri, and his daughter Jackie own and operate the Garner Home Group at Keller Williams Realty. He enjoys serving the needs of his residential real estate clients as well as volunteering for Knoxville Habitat for Humanity.

He believes that “if it doesn’t hurt, it must not be doing much to make you any stronger!” He enjoys endurance sports that involve suffering, like marathons and triathlons. Some may say he's just a little twisted!


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