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Media Kit

About Us

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For most of their childhood, cousins Doug Fowler and Jeff and Kent Garner grew up just two doors apart on the shore of Lake Brantley in Seminole County, Florida. Doug and Kent are the same age, and Jeff is three years older. As it does, life eventually took them in separate directions to raise families of their own. They reconnected in middle age through annual backpacking and mountain biking trips together. Doug and Jeff would join Kent in Tennessee and they’d hike from Friday to Sunday, covering anywhere from 20-30 miles.


Doug realized the colorful, sometimes heated, conversations on those trips—about sports, hobbies, marriage, relationships, kids, parenting, politics, religion and everything in between—would make for a great podcast.


That was the beginning of FKU50. It’s an ongoing, educational, challenging, often hilarious conversation with experts in a wide range of industries covering topics focused on empowering ourselves and our listeners to outsmart life after 50.

Our Listeners

Our primary target audience is college-educated males ages 25-65+ making mid-level incomes with age-related lifestyle issues pertaining to relationships, parenting, health, travel, cars, and insurance. They're also into comedy and self-help and may be actual or aspiring entrepreneurs.


  4 Episodes -   $4,000 (minimum sponsorship)
12 Episodes - $10,800
24 Episodes - $19,200
36 Episodes - $25,200


Includes two sponsorship mentions per sponsored podcast and your logo and website link on our website.

Sponsorship Opportunities

GOLD: $1000/Episode

  • 15 second Pre-Roll ad.

  • 15 second Post-Roll ad.

  • 30 second Mid-Roll ad.

  • Twitter brand mention on show day.

  • Instagram brand mention on show day.

  • Facebook brand mention on show day.

  • Your links will be included in the show notes and in the video description on YouTube.

SILVER: $700/Episode

  • 15 second Pre-Roll ad.

  • 30 second Mid-Roll ad.

  • 15 second Post-Roll ad.

BRONZE: $600/Episode

  • 15-second Pre-Roll ad.

  • 30-second Mid-Roll ad.

Advertising Potential w/ Podcasts

  • 51% of podcast consumers are in the age range of 35-55+. (Edison, 2019)

  • “When you hear advertisements on podcasts, how likely are you to consider the brand advertised?”

    • 17% much more likely.

    • 37% somewhat more likely.

  • Today, 51% of Americans 12+ have ever listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week.

  • Podcasting’s Share of Ear has more than doubled in five years, increasing 122% since 2014.

  • 54% of podcast consumers say that they are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts, compared to 7% who say they are less likely.

  • 50% of all US homes are podcast fans. (Nielsen, Aug 2017)

  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income of over $75K – vs 35% for the total population.

  • 69% agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services.

  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media.

  • (source)


Sample Episodes

SPONSORED BY Doug Fowler at
B-6 Fit Training Studio in Apopka, Florida

B-6 Fit.png

SPONSORED BY Gary Garofalo at Florida Farm Bureau Insurance in Apopka, Florida.

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